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Total Energy Services, LLC
Project Manager / Engineer - December 2005 - Present
Currently providing in house engineering for Milagro Exploration deep South Texas program. (four rigs )
Project Manager / Engineer to Venoco (formerly TexCal Energy) on wells in Grimes County, Texas.
Prior to that provided Engineering services to Sequoia Management, LLC on wells in Lavaca County, Texas as well as Sterling Energy (formerly Whittier Energy) on wells in Jeff Davis Parrish and Iberia Parrish in South Louisiana.

Proton Energy, L. L. C.
Operations and Engineering Manager - January 2003 - March 2005

Responsible for operations and engineering duties for company properties which were principally onshore, Gulf Coast properties located in both Texas and Louisiana.  Specifically responsible for the following:

·Generating and/or supervising the generation of drilling, recompletion, and acquisition opportunities as well as the associated AFE packages, procedures, economic analyses, and daily operations.

·Preparing company reserve estimates on a semiannual basis and coordinating with third party reserve auditors and bank personnel.

·Planning and implementation of annual capital budget including reviewing and forecasting LOE, production, and capital spending.  2003 Capital Budget of +/-1.5 MM, 2004 Capital Budget of +/-$4.0 MM, 2005 Capital Budget of +/-$8.0 MM.  Financed all operations activities through internally generated cash flow.

·Supervision of daily production operations and personnel for all operated fields.  Operated fields included primarily oil production in the Charenton (Miocene production - St. Mary Parish) and Gueydan (Miocene production - Vermilion Parish) Fields in Louisiana, and primarily gas production in Beaumont (Jefferson County), Heard Ranch (Frio production - Bee County), Four Sevens (Yegua production - Duval County), and Laredo (Lobo production - Webb County).


·Production/Cash Flow - Increased company production from 215 BOEPD to 800 BOEPD from January, 2003 to March, 2005 through both acquisitions and internally generated drill wells, workovers, and recompletions.  Cash flow increased proportionately from +/-$150M/mo to +/-$750M/mo.

·Reserves/Value - Increased company reserves from 2.3 MMBOE Total Proved (850 MBOE Total Proved Producing) in January, 2003 to 8.5 MMBOE Total Proved (2.3 MMBOE Total Proved Producing) in January, 2005.  Total proved reserve value increased from $25MM PV10% in January, 2003 to $132MM PV10% in January, 2005.  Identified and added an additional 9.0 MMBOE of probable and possible reserves, $104MM PV10%, from January, 2003 to January, 2005.

·Company Sale - Directly involved in the successful sale of the company for $53MM to Petrohawk Energy Corporation.  Organized and led presentations of company properties, reserves, upside potential, due diligence review, economic analysis, field tours, etc.

·Acquisitions - Screened, reviewed, and/or evaluated >100 opportunities.  Key role in two major acquisitions.  Provided gas production to balance portfolio ratio of oil and gas.  Added critical cash flow for development of project inventory.  Identified significant additional proved, probable, and possible reserves throughout the Heard Ranch Field which were key in the sale of the company.

Heard Ranch Field - $3MM Acquisition Cost - Frio Formation, Production - 1.5 MMCFPD (Gross)/ 950 MCFPD (Net), Reserves - 8.0 BCF (Net) Proved, $21MM PV10%, 12.8 BCF (Net) Probable, $31.6MM PV10%, 7.8 BCF (Net) Possible, $13.3MM PV10%

South Laredo Field - $800M Acquisition Cost - Lobo Formation, Production - 650 MCFPD (Gross)/500 MCFPD (Net), Reserves - 1.1 BCF (Net) Proved, $3.0MM PV10%

Howell Petroleum Corp.
      Production/Reservoir Engineer - March 1998 - January 2003

Responsible for reservoir and production engineering duties primarily for the Elk Basin Field in Wyoming/Montana.  Specifically responsible for generating drilling, recompletion, and acquisition opportunities as well as the associated AFE packages, completion procedures, and economic analyses.  Also worked various acquisition evaluations and provided drilling and operations engineering support as necessary throughout the company’s other operated areas.

·Maintained field production flat at ~6000 BOPD from March, 1998 (takeover of operations) to January, 2003 through a series of recompletions, drill wells, and other projects throughout the Elk Basin Field.

·Tensleep Production Uplift - Added 1000+ BOPD & >4.0 MMBOE in reserves to Tensleep reservoir through identifying, proposing, and implementing a series of re-activations, re-entries, and sidetrack drill wells to redevelop the northeast portion of the reservoir.

·Flue Gas Injection - Provided engineering support to reactivate the flue gas injection system in the field for the purpose of increasing the reservoir pressure to support gravity drainage of the reserves in the Tensleep reservoir.  Work involved bid solicitation, working with field operations, selecting injectors, permitting, recompletion procedures, gathering BHP data, equipment selection, and injection line evaluation.  Project was operational in Fall, 1998, and pressure had increased from 28 psig to >60 psig by Fall, 2002.  Reserves associated with the project were estimated at >8.0 MMBOE.

·First Frontier Development - Researched First Frontier formation development history in order to better understand the reservoir and to develop an economic development program.  Research lead to proposing and establishing commercial oil production 1000’ down structure from current field production.  Redesigned fracture stimulation technique resulting in “discovery” well which IP’d flowing at 200+ BOPD with cumulative production of >30 MBOE since IP in February 2000 by Fall, 2002.  Historical development wells in this field averaged 30 MBOE EUR.  Work lead to drilling and completion of 35 additional wells, adding 1000 BOPD in production and >1.5 MMBOE in reserves, with 30+ wells and 2.25 MMBOE remaining to be developed.

·Shallow Gas Discovery - Researched and proposed discovery well for “shallow gas” on the Elk Basin structure.  Evaluated well files and logs, constructed maps, identified and studied analogous fields, and performed log and volumetric calculations as necessary to support drilling of project.  IP of 2.6+ MMCFPD, EUR of 4.0+ BCF (PDP), 2.0+ BCF (PDNP), completed well cost of $350M, projected AFIT PV10% = $3000M based on strip pricing.  Work helps to confirm +/-30 BCF to be developed in Sundance and Morrison sands on Elk Basin structure.

·Acquisitions - Provided engineering analysis and recommendations for various acquisition opportunities, including South Elk Basin, which added 92 BOPD (net), 609 MCFPD (net), and 497 MBOE in net reserve adds to the company, as well as the acquisition of Conoco’s working interest at Elk Basin for $26MM, which increased company production by 2150 BPD (>20%), increased WI in the field from 27% to 64%, and added >9.0 MMBOE in reserves.

·Presentations - Created maps, charts, and graphs for presentation of past, present, and future activity in the Elk Basin area.  Presented data to our Banking group in order to support annual and semiannual borrowing base determinations, as well as to various companies associated with the ultimate sale of the company to Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.

·Provided engineering support for company’s other operated properties, including the Fort Worth Basin to evaluate the Atoka and Barnett Shale reservoirs.

Belco Operating Corp.
Drilling Engineer - February 1997 - March 1998

Responsible for engineering of drilling procedures and supervision of daily drilling activities in a variety of basins and geographic areas.  Specifically responsible for drilling and cementing hydraulics, mud programs, cement programs, casing design, directional planning, torque and drag analysis, drill string design, bit selection, and direct supervision of drilling foremen.

Areas worked include the DJ Basin, Michigan Basin, South Texas, and the Texas and Louisiana Austin Chalk trend.

·Successfully conceived and implemented an underbalanced drilling program to help develop a potential new field discovery.  Utilized diesel drilling fluid, coiled tubing parasite string, air compressors, and a nitrogen separation unit to achieve the desired underbalance and thus minimize formation damage in a subnormally pressured reservoir.

·Involved in design and supervision of drilling deep (14,000’ - 16,000’ TVD) Austin Chalk horizontal wells in Texas and Louisiana.  Challenges include excessive pressure, temperature, and depth.

·Involved in design and supervision of drilling an 11,600’ rank wildcat well in Starr County, Texas.  Required managing both gas and lost returns while searching for a casing seat.

·Researched, proposed, and successfully implemented isolated acidizing of individual zones in an openhole completion through the use of a straddle packer tool.

·Worked variety of projects designed to prove additional reserves through drilling horizontal wells in some mature and some untested zones in both the DJ and Michigan Basins.  Challenges included massive salt intervals, subnormally pressured zones, overpressured gas storage zones, and thin target zones (5 ft) on top of significant water potential.

Burlington Resources (Meridian Oil Inc.)
Drilling/Production Engineer - Offshore Division - August 1996 - February 1997

Responsible for engineering of drilling and completion procedures as well as on-site supervision of field activities.  Specifically, involved in casing and tubing design, directional planning, including torque and drag analysis, and casing seat determination in geo-pressured environments.

·Successfully drilled a directional exploration well in SL340 south of Vermilion Bay through a severely geo-pressured environment to test a variety of objectives.  Obstacles included excessive pressure (18.5 ppg mud weight), excessive depth (15,000’+ TVD), lost returns, and gas influx.

·On-site field supervision of two high rate water pack completions in Eugene Island 205 field, one frac pack completion in Vermilion 120, and the drill stem test of the discovery well in West Cameron 54 - flow tested at 500+ BOPD/6000 MCFPD at a flowing pressure of 8K+ psi.

Production Engineer - Houston Region - September 1995 - August 1996

Responsible for new well completions, recompletions, workovers, stimulations, and production volume forecasting for properties in the Anadarko Basin.  Work involved casing and tubing design, fracture theory and design, reservoir analysis and economic assessment of recompletion candidates, facility upgrades and optimization, and remedial workovers to repair casing and tubing failures.

·Successfully fracture stimulated 15,000’ Morrow well with 2200 psi bottomhole pressure.  Resulted in 3.5 MMCFPD uplift and 6.0+ BCF reserves added for a cost of $220,000.

·Successfully designed and implemented 7 down-casing fracture stimulations for an uplift of 10.5 MMCFPD.

·Identified, researched, and proposed other workovers and recompletions resulting in production uplift of 3.6 MMCFPD and reserve adds of 4.0 BCF.

·Supervised summer engineer through a successful project to identify under performing wells as a result of less than optimal past completion practices.  Engineer identified two candidates for refracture stimulation, worked production, volumetric, and economic analyses, AFE packages, completion procedures, and was able to provide on-site supervision of the re-fracture stimulation treatments.

Drilling Engineer - Houston Region - June 1993 - September 1995

Responsible for planning, procedures, and daily engineering and field supervision.  Specifically, drilling and cementing hydraulics, mud programs, cement programs, casing design, directional planning, torque and drag analysis, drill string design, and bit selection.

Experience includes shallow and deep wells, hard rock and unconsolidated formations in Central and South Texas, South Louisiana, and the Mid-Continent Anadarko Basin.

·Successfully planned and drilled 30+ horizontal wells in 3’ - 10’ Geologic target zones in carbonates as well as severely unconsolidated sandstone formations.

·Successfully planned and drilled 2 high angle, directional wells while saving a combined $150,000 through planning, minimizing trouble time, and the implementation of incentive based contracts.

·Successfully planned and drilled two re-entry horizontal wells into 1939-era wellbores resulting in a total cost savings of $111,000 while achieving a geologic target zone of 3’ in a severely unconsolidated sandstone formation.

·Conceived and successfully drilled two short radius horizontal re-entry wells for AFE cost and days resulting in a savings of $40,000/well versus drilling a new well.

·Reworked mud program resulting in a cost savings of $4000 - $5000/well for a continuing development drilling program.

Colorado School of MinesProfessional Schools Attended:
Major:B.S. Petroleum Engineering (3.25/4.00 GPA)Baroid Drilling Fluids School
Minor:McBride Honors Program in Public AffairsPrentice - Advanced Casing Design
Outstanding Graduating Senior in Petroleum Engineering (1993)Murchison Drilling School
Member Tau Beta Pi - National Scholastic Honor SocietyGuiberson Packer School
E.I.T. exam successfully completedNodal Analysis
Member Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity (President - 1991-1992)Pressure Transient Analysis
Member SPE